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Employees – Amazing Savings at No Cost to You

Everyone makes many very important and stressful financial decisions. One of the single biggest financial decisions a person will make is purchasing or refinancing their home. My Home Select helps you save during these important decisions.


    Each builder is known for building the highest quality homes here in Utah. In addition, each preferred builder will credit the remaining third party lending fees, thus allowing you to move into your new home with only the cost of the down payment. Additional builder incentives may apply.


    Whether you are looking purchase a new home or refinance your existing home we have Leveraged relationships for you with preferred lenders, who provide a smooth step-by-step process to deliver the best experience possible, while saving you thousands in the process.


    Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, have outgrown your existing home, or looking to build your dream home, our preferred Agents are hand-picked for their experience, knowledge, quality of services, and their commitment to savings.


    Insurance is the most important foundation for making sure your financial house is in order. When most people add up all the different insurance bills they pay, insurance is the second largest bill in their household, right behind their mortgage! Let us choose wisely!

  • HIO

    House In Order (HIO) is a comprehensive professional financial analysis that addresses your financial state based on six critical key financial elements and creates personalized recommendations.

Worth Purchasing or Refinancing?

Use the calculators below to help you see where you stand with your current or future mortgage.

Contact us and find out how your employer can get setup today!